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Whether you want to restore a favorite doll with nothing but sentimental value, or need to restore damaged Jacob Petit worth thousands, chances are good Nancy can help you... read about some successful projects here.



Letters from customers tell our story well! Here are a few:

Click to view larger picture...“Dear Bric-A-Brac, what talented artisans you are! I hope you know how appreciative I am that you were able to put right my grandmother's Blessed Mother. I was truly heartbroken when she fell down off the shelf just like Humpty-Dumpy. But I need not have worried because I was truly blessed to have found such a special resource in you.

“I will be sending you many more ‘broken’ treasures. Never again will I assume that something cannot be fixed and even improved. I was so thrilled when you were able to construct new thumbs for my special Blessed Mother.

“She is looking wonderful and she will now be able to grace the homes of many more generations. Thank you so much for the special care you put into making her beautiful and whole again."

“Dear Bric-A-Brac, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised - no, shocked - with what came back from your artistic hands. I gave you a hopeless basket case, a mass of broken china, that I really thought was destined to be on its way to the trash can, and what I got back was something that in fact looked better than the original.

“What you gave back to me was a tangible remembrance of not only a departed relative, but a dear friend as well. And in a way you gave me back some of her."

Most old china or objects d’art have some history of one kind or another. They have seen weddings, births, wars and world changes, sometimes quietly observing, the passing of their humans from mantel pieces and china cabinets. Generally they like the people they are owned by, are of quality, substance and of a lasting nature, and their value transcends the passing of years. And like the original people that bought and appreciated them they are priceless and irreplaceable - especially for the memories they contain.

“Anyhow, to close I really want to thank you for the magnificent restoration that you did with the tragedy I brought you. I’m sure that my aunt would be well pleased as well.”

“Dear Bric-A-Brac, just a quick note to let you know how happy I am to have found you. You have done such a fabulous job repairing my family’s broken china and crystal pieces that I can use them once again. A million thanks.”

"Nancy has performed some small miracles for my home. She put teeth in my ceramic tiger, tusks on my bronze elephants, trunks on my ceramic elephants, and completely rebuilt the bases fro my two large dogs. Now my menagerie is in tip-top shape.

Click for larger view.

"In addition, Nancy has restored a porcelain plaque, and numerous antique oriental bowls and plates.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Bric-A-Brac Studio."

Katherine W.

Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 12:52 PM
Subject: Bisque Figurine Restoration


I just received them in the mail & am in tears!!!!!

THANK YOU so very much for fixing my beauties, as I originally thought all hope was lost, especially after calling around & being dumbfounded at the outrageous prices out there. In fact, the only place (near where I live in Seattle) that does such restorations told me that the snowboy would cost $275 to fix & the piano baby $255! 

Well, I simply do not have that kind of money. Nevertheless, I didn't give up hope, and persisted in contacting several places I found on the net. And was disappointed each time, until I found you & your studio that is! Besides being reasonable with your prices, you were the only one that didn't demand that I send them to you first before giving me an estimate. No, you were able to do so free-of-charge via the 'net; I just had to send you the scans I made of the damage is all. Well, that sold me, along with your very reasonable prices. In fact, your prices are the absolute best out there (no lie), as well you didn't deviate from your initial estimate, after viewing my scans. You stuck with the same price after you were finished. Not only that, instead of taking weeks & months, it only took you 4 days to restore & repair both! WOW! 

My only regret, Nancy, is that I wish I had known about your studio long before this (no lie). Reason being is because I make the majority of my income by buying & selling on Ebay. And as a result receive at least one broken figurine per week. Now instead of either counting my losses, asking for a full or partial refund, trying to poorly repair them myself with glue, or filing an insurance claim (which means that the post office literally throws the figurines out in the garbage; I know, I've seen it), I can now go to you instead. THANK YOU!

In the past I never even attempted to try to get a figurine fixed because the word alone *professional repair* scared me. This due to what I've heard from other Sellers over the years, which was that professional repairs cost more than the figurine itself (I.e. hundreds of dollars). However, this time I simply knew I had to at least try to get my rare Heubach figurines fixed, as they were just too rare & precious not to restore. And because of you & your studio, I no longer fear the word *professional repair*. In fact, I guarantee you that I will be sending you more figurines to restore in future. And that's a fact. As well, I will try & let other Sellers & Buyers know about your studio & your very reasonable prices.

Thankfully Yours, 

Nadine W.

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